Emigrater Services

Emigrater is a global talent sourcing and migration consultancy that specializes in recruitment, migration and resource consulting. We focus our efforts and resources to bring qualified candidates to our respected client pool which includes Fortune 500 companies. A thorough screening and assessment of candidates are made to ensure we provide our clients with the best candidate fit. Our strong partnership with leading Migration agents and lawyers enable us to processes visa in a quick and efficient manner. Moreover, our in-house migration lawyers are experts in identifying the most appropriate visa type for first time success.


We live in a globalized world. Businesses, too, are becoming increasingly globalized and turning to global talent pools to find the right staff. Countries with growing populations and economies like Australia and Canada depend on a skilled, stable and growing workforce for economic growth. Australia for instance targets population aggressive population growth by the year 2050. Global Talent Sourcing allows for the identification of the best talent by expanding resource searches globally.

At Emigrater we have through years of experience been matching global talent to corporate demand. Our highly regarded recruiters meticulously screen all candidates, to ensure the best fit. In addition our in-house migration lawyers provide the most effective migration advice to ensure an expedient visa process. We respect and abide by international privacy laws, hence we do not divulge the identity of our clients and we will do the same with any information we receive from prospective users of Emigrater. We only share profile and qualification details with our clients. Once our clients show an interest in a potential resource and request an interview, then we will divulge your details only with your explicit approval. Our client’s privacy and interests is at the heart of what we do.

Be a Candidate

Interested in migrating to countries such as Australia, New Zealand, US, Canada or Europe? Looking for overseas work experience or pursuing studies? We can help. For candidates looking for migration opportunities we provide a full migration review, using our in-house migration experts.

Interested in MIGRATION only?

At Emigrater we provide advice and assistance for hundreds of visa applicants and sponsors. Our in-house lawyers are migration experts with a number of years’ experience. We will provide you a detailed report, outlining the country you are most likely to gain migration and the most appropriate visa type to suit your qualifications and skill set. Furthermore we will refer you to 3 of the most successful migration lawyers specializing in the migration category most suited to you, from the country you wish to migrate. The migration lawyers we refer you will provide the following services:

· Complete detailed assessment of applicant’s education, professional skills/training and work experience for Permanent Residency or work in the chosen country

· Be fully accredited in the country you wish to migrate

· In most cases provide a 100% guarantee of success

· Provide honest, frank appraisal of visa options

· Identify, review and submit all the supporting documents required for submission

· Provide multi-stage counseling to the client’s at various stages like on interview, medical exam, landing papers and other immigration related matters

· Keep client informed about the progress of the application and provide advice on the outcome and what to do next.

Interested in being a Corporate Client?

Our team specializes in talent sourcing and recruitment for multiple industries across multiple job categories. Our aim is to nurture rich relationship with quality passive candidates to generate strong referral system in the future, also to significantly cut time and cost of hiring, and to ensure we deliver candidates that are culturally fit to the role even before an interview. Our pool of talent includes fully vetted candidates who are eligible and available to migrate. We assist with migration visas, relocation and logistics.

Services we offer include:

· Contract, Permanent, Fixed-term recruitment

· Full migration assistance via our in-house Migration lawyers

· Payroll, Tax and BAS Assistance via our in-house Chartered Accountants