Why Emigrater?


Independent Advice

We will review your individual circumstances and eligibility and advise you on what visa subclass is most appropriate for you. We will refer you to the most successful migration lawyers in those specific visa subclasses. We will also provide you guidance on how you can make the application yourself. In the event you are not eligible for any, we will advise you on steps to improve your eligibility. We save you TIME and MONEY!

Emigrater IP ©

Our Emigrater Reports© has been used by Migration Agents in Australia for over 7 years to guide them in providing their clients with reliable and up to date information on their realistic prospects of migration to Australia and guidance through the application process. Our Independent Proprietary system is tried and proven!

Emigrater Network

In addition to our proprietary reports, we also have a large network of independent lawyers, barristers and accredited migration specialists to provide you advice no matter where in the migration journey you happen to be. It enables our clients to both manage their immigration case anywhere in the world and contact our agents at any time.

Over 40 Years of Experience and still going strong

Our parent company was established in 1982. Our firm is comprised of Experienced Migration Lawyers, Barristers and Chartered Accountants. Whether you are eligible business, skilled or student visa, we have the right experts to advise you in every step of your journey to ensure your every success.