Are you looking to live or work overseas?

Living and working overseas is challenging even to the most seasoned traveller. Relocating in a foreign country for work, study or business is a unique and wonderful experience. It provides endless advantages to an individual and not just financially, but socially personal. Gaining new skills, living independently, finding new friends, learning a new language, and broadening your horizons are just some of the advantages one can reap from the working abroad.

To start, one must answer these questions:

1. What sort of visa would I need to travel?

2. Are you eligible to work in the country of your choice?

3. What sort of study or work visa would I need to ultimately get permanent residence.

4. What would be the visa cost? What would be accommodation and living cost?

There are a lot of things to consider when you decide to live and work overseas. We at Emigrater will help you navigate the whole process.


Do you want nature, beautiful beaches, exotic animals, county living? Or do you prefer the city, high buildings, great architectures and fast mode of transportation? Which country provides the best long term future for me and my family? Which country is my skillset in most demand? To help you work through these choices, it’s best to research the most appropriate option for you.

Links :Facts for each country Australia ,Canada , New Zealand

United States of America ,European Union

The Language

English, French, German, Italian, Spanish Arabic, and Chinese are few of the languages you might encounter while living in a new country. A move may entail you to speaking a language that you already use or basically learn a new one. Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and United Kingdom are example of countries that speaks English. If a person wishes to live and work in those country that does not use English as their first language must take an English test with their application. More information on these language requirements are included here:

English test accepted in: Australia


New Zealand

United Kingdom

What type of Visa best suits my requirements

Understanding what type of visa permit to work, study or do business is absolutely vital. In the United Kingdom for example, Commonwealth citizens are eligible for a work permit to live and be employed in the country for four years then can apply for permanent residency. Countries like Australia and New Zealand have different visa types that allow a fairly short path to permanent residence. Understanding the visa types and matching them to your long term objectives are vital.

Visa Information:


New Zealand