Are you looking to study abroad?

US, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany and New Zealand are the most sought after countries for an overseas education. Australia for example is considered to be the third most popular study destination for international students, with over seven universities in the list of 100 top universities in the world. The country offers quality education in the field of Natural Sciences & Mathematics, Life & Agricultural Science, Clinical Medicine & Pharmacy, and Physics. Despite having an impressive education, Australia provides affordable and competitive fees to foreign students compared to United Kingdom and United State.

Applicants can choose from diverse range of study options for international students from primary and secondary school, vocational education and training (VET), English language courses, to higher education (including universities). Laws in Australia make sure that all schools and educational institutions provides high quality standard education and protect the welfare of all international students regardless of what the person are studying.

The Australian Study visa has seven subclasses depending on educational level:

· Subclass 570 – Independent ELICOS Sector – for students who wanted to study English ONLY

· Subclass 571 – School Sector – for student who intends to study in a primary or secondary school including both junior and senior secondary school, or is on a student exchange program.

· Subclass 572 – Vocational Education and Training (VET) Sector – for student who seek to obtain a Diploma, Advanced Diploma, or Certificate course at a technical/trade college.

· Subclass 573 – Higher Education Sector – For student who seek to study in a University to take up a Bachelor degree, Graduate Diploma or Graduate Certificate.

· Subclass 574 – Masters and Doctorate Sector - for students who seek to enroll Post Graduate Degrees, such as Masters or Doctoral degrees.

· Subclass 575 – Non – award Foundation Studies / Other Sector – for students undertaking a foundation, bridging or other courses which does not lead to the award of a formal degree or diploma.

· Subclass 576 – AusAID or Defence Sponsored Sector – a highly specialised visa category that are rewarded to sponsored students of the AusAID or Australian Defence tostudy a full-time course of any type in Australia.

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